Taekwondo for Teenagers

Teen Program Gives Youth a Place to Belong

Youth at Taekwondo America take an active role in improving their mental well-being as they improve their strength and flexibility in our teen program, designed for ages 11-15. Classes help your teen build and tone muscles as he learns the movements of Taekwondo while fostering relationships with other youth in a non-competitive environment. Teens enjoy working out with their peers and help each other meet their individual goals. As they achieve physical goals, teens also benefit by learning to face their fears and achieve other objectives as well. Our teen program is designed to hold their interest; they won’t get bored with repetitive classes because each class offers something different.

Benefits of Our Teen Program

As a means of exercise and becoming fit, Taekwondo provides an engaging pursuit for teens in an increasingly digital world. Cardio exercises help your child gain stamina and endurance that benefits him throughout life. Additional benefits of the teen program include:

  • Enhanced focus and concentration, which can boost school performance.
  • Better self-esteem and confidence earned by mastering Taekwondo techniques and becoming more fit.
  • A stronger body that can boost sports performance and lead to lifelong fitness practices.
  • Making new friends and building a support system.
  • Providing a safe outlet for relieving stress.
Teens Find a Place to Belong

Our Taekwondo instructors provide positive role models for teens at an awkward stage in their lives, where each develops differently and at different rates, both physically and mentally. Our teen program gives youth a place and a program to which they can belong. We enhance this feeling of belonging by offering a variety of social activities and events for teens to enjoy in a safe environment.


Enroll Your Teen Today

Help your teen through the awkward years by giving her a fun, positive and enriching program in which to participate. For more information about our program and enrolling your teen, give us a call at 804-747-5425 or fill out the contact form below.