Taekwondo for Families

Reconnect With Family Members in Our Family Class

If you’re looking for quality family time, join our family program and enjoy learning together. This mixed-age class offers different groupings to accommodate families, regardless of individual skill levels and belt rankings. The format of the family class allows family members to train together and then also be divided into smaller groups based on rank to allow them to receive the training needed for their individual level. Parents and children enjoy family bonding time, where they can encourage and support each other while learning the art of Taekwondo. Children will see mom and dad working hard to achieve their goals and take this practice to heart, learning through example that success is within reach for those willing to work for it.

Benefits of Our Family Program

Working together as a group allows families to connect on a new level as they enjoy being together and working toward similar goals. In other words, the family that kicks together, sticks together! Classes offer many benefits for the family as a whole, and for individual members as well, including:

  • Dedicated family time allows busy families to come together and reconnect each week.
  • Family members share a common activity and goals and enjoy being together.
  • Stronger, healthier bodies and minds that lend to everyone’s overall well-being.
  • Opportunities to connect with other families of similar interests and build relationships.

Everyone receives a great workout that helps strengthen and tone muscles, flexibility and coordination.

Create a Family Tradition of Exercise

If you’re tired of running around town to collect and drop off children for a variety of activities, give yourself a break with our family Taekwondo program, where you can interact with each other on a regular and positive basis. Getting fit as a family is a fun and exciting opportunity to instill the benefits of exercise in your children and give them a foundation for lifelong fitness.

Taekwondo Goals Taekwondo Goals

Enroll Your Family Today

Give your entire family a much-needed boost and contact Taekwondo America of Richmond today. Family discounts are available, meaning it is easy for every member of your household to learn this popular martial art skills. We offer flexible pricing and avoid long-term arrangements so you can be sure this is the right family activity for each of you. To learn more about our latest promotion, call our studio at 804-747-5425 to schedule a free trial class today.