Taekwondo for Children

Children’s Program Offers Physical and Mental Development

Nobody sits on the sidelines while others learn at Taekwondo America, and our children’s program is no exception. Children ages 6-11 are eligible to join classes that are designed to meet them at whatever skill level they have. Parents, you don’t have to worry about your child fitting in or not being as advanced technically as others. Instructors engage all participants with a variety of drills, exercises and games that challenge them physically and mentally while helping develop motor skills and concentration. Positive interaction and encouraging feedback from our instructors helps your child gain confidence and self-esteem that will aid him in school, family life and social situations.

Benefits of Our Junior Program

Children in our classes will develop a variety of skills and abilities to help them meet a range of activities and goals. Some of the benefits of our program are :

  • Better Coordination and balance: Taekwondo improves physical coordination and balance, which can help your child avoid injuries. It also improves hand-eye coordination and aids posture.
  • Improved Focus and concentration: Exercises develop better aim and reaction time needed for sports, as well as listening skills and an improved focus at school.
  • More (or improved)Discipline: Learning self-control, or discipline, is an important factor in education. Youth learn to follow directions and develop an understanding that decisions have consequences.
  • Improved physical Fitness: Taekwondo demonstrates the importance of being physically and mentally fit. Starting physical activity early in life helps children remain active as adults.
  • Perseverance: Belt ranks and challenges help your child learn the value of perseverance and hard work in achieving his goals.
  • Leadership and character: Students can learn leadership skills and how to be a positive role model, skills that transfer to school and community groups.
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Enroll Your Child in our Junior Program Today

As a participant in these classes, your child is also eligible to join other programs, such as our bully defense class, leadership program, summer camps and tournaments. We also offer family membership discounts and classes where all members may train together in the same class Enroll your child in our junior program today. Contact us at 804-747-5425 or fill out the contact form below to request more information or to schedule your free trial class today.