Taekwondo: Martial Arts

Taekwondo Fosters Strength and Powerful Relationships

Martial arts is a term applied to a variety of different disciplines, with karate being one of the most well-known. While these disciplines share a common origin in the Far East, there are variations in the movements of each. The biggest difference between karate and taekwondo is that karate’s focus is more on hand techniques, while taekwondo’s focus is on kicking techniques. Our legs are faster and stronger than our arms, which makes them valuable for self-defense. Using taekwondo allows you to create distance between you and an attacker and keep you out of the range of injury.

There’s Room for All Skill Levels

At Taekwondo America of Richmond, your child learns traditional taekwondo techniques of striking and kicking in a non-competitive, yet fun and exciting, environment. We offer classes for preschoolers, elementary ages, teens and older. Nobody sits on the sidelines and watches others while they learn. Our programs are designed to accommodate all skill levels by using a variety of different teaching techniques during classes.

Benefits of Learning Taekwondo

Make no mistake: Your child will get a full-body workout in our program. Youths develop powerful leg muscles while learning a variety of different kicks, and improve overall body strength by using all muscle groups during conditioning exercises and while learning techniques. Taekwondo offers your child a variety of benefits, including:

  • Improved focus and concentration, developed through practicing a variety of taekwondo techniques.
  • A sense of achievement, earned through working toward and meeting your goals.
  • Improved confidence and self-esteem from learning self-control and improving his body and mind.
  • Increased strength, earned through focused exercise and movements.
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Enroll Today, Building a Support System

We offer several programs and social activities to help students of all ages interact with others and develop friendships and a support system for getting through school and life. If you’re looking for a program to engage your child, teen or even yourself while improving his outlook and health, try taekwondo.

Boost your child or teen’s confidence and outlook with taekwondo. For more information or to schedule a free trial class, call 804-747-5425 or send us a message below.