Taekwondo for Bully Defense

Bully Defense Classes Build Confidence

Help your child deal with bullying while avoiding violence with our bully defense classes. Children and teens ages six and older are eligible to participate in this special program, designed to help youths overcome fears and gain confidence in their ability to handle bullying situations. We don’t teach children how to fight in these classes.

We teach them how to discern when other children are acting as friends or not, and that it’s okay to choose different friends if they’re uncomfortable or are being used by bullies. We teach them to be confident in themselves so they will know that it’s okay to walk away from violence. We also teach them to stand up for themselves if the need arises.

Benefits of Bully Defense Classes

In a world where bullying can escalate to new heights, children and teens face more challenges and struggles than earlier generations. Bullies typically prey on smaller, weaker children; they seek out those who are shy, quiet and insecure. Here are some of the things your child will learn in this program:

  • The importance of overcoming fears and standing up for themselves and their friends.
  • How to tell when to get help and when it’s best just to walk away.
  • How to safely defuse a threatening situation and avoid violence.
  • The importance of living out the values they learn in taekwondo, such as courtesy and self-control, and not to misuse taekwondo.

Instructors Make Learning Fun

Bullying has always been present in the school environment, and it seems to be an increasing threat. Our instructors make this class fun and positive, so your child can look forward to learning. This attitude helps youths work past their fear and become more self-assured.

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Enroll Your Child Today

If you are involved in another group that could benefit from bullying defense classes, please let us know. For more information and to enroll your child in this program, contact us at 804-747-5425 or fill out the form below.