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  • Classes available for all ages.
  • A family oriented and family-friendly approach to martial arts.
  • Personalized instruction based on each student's level & ability.
  • Exercise your body, mind & spirit.
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Family Class

What do you and the rest of your family do at the end of a long day of work or school? While it’s easy to camp out in front of the television for a few hours, wouldn’t it be better to engage in a physical activity that also teaches useful real-world knowledge? At Taekwondo America of Richmond, we’ve spent the last decade working with students from every age group at our Henrico studio, and our instructional staff is standing by to teach you the ways of the popular martial art taekwondo. We will exercise you mind, spirit & body.

Family Training
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Family Class

What Do You Hope to Achieve?

Before embarking on any physical activity regimen, it can be helpful to lay out a few goals. If you have a son or daughter who is heading off to college, it can be comforting to know that your child has a background in a self-defense discipline, but there are plenty of other tangible benefits to taekwondo. No matter if you’re interested in weight loss, increased strength, heightened focus or improved discipline, our certified instructors are ready to help you meet your benchmarks.

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How We Keep You Motivated

We endeavor to create a fun and family friendly setting that keeps all of our students interested. We want you to focus intently on the tasks at hand, but we also realize you’re here to enjoy yourself while learning, so there’s never a shortage of high fives, handshakes and encouraging words to help you push through the difficult areas. When it’s time to cut loose and enjoy ourselves, we also offer a variety of events designed to build camaraderie with your fellow members:

  • Themed awards ceremonies
  • Cookouts
  • Tournaments
  • Family nights
  • Water gun fights
  • Clinics
Taekwondo Goals Teen Class

Courtesy - Integrity - Perseverance - Self-Control - Indomitable Spirit

Pick the Perfect Program

Why not find out how your family can gain strength, increase overall fitness levels, and become more coordinated. It’s important to instill the values of physical activity in your children at an early age, which is why we offer family membership discounts that allow you to learn side-by-side. To get more information about our flexible and unlimited class schedule or to inquire about the terms of our flexible membership style, meant to keep you out of long-term arrangements, contact Taekwondo America of Richmond today at 804-747-5425, or fill out the form below, to set up a free trial class.

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